#Die2Night Gangsta’s Need to Clip Up for a Reason


We could all die tonight
My name is Mike Brown
Office Darren Wilson was executioner
who’s gangsta now
You won’t clipup? Shut your lip up!
4 hours for a corpse picked up?
K9s took a piss on me
With no police hiccup
We got to juice there’s a mix-up
Go out in a blaze call me Bishop
Feed crooked cops lead dead in their kisser
Wounds of my people so deep
And blisters
Numb to pharmaceutical drugs and all the liquor
Cops kill two Blacks daily
I ain’t whisper
Of course I didn’t deserve to die over some swishers
But it ain’t just me look
Here’s the kicker
California highway cop
Beat the face in of 51 year old bipolar sister
Paid snakes are vicious
Oh lord do they slither
Death they deliver
Even w/o using trigger
Making it home for dinner is your goal
Could be Eric Garner
Placed in a choke hold
Empty seat front of dinner plate
While paramedics watch you asphyxiate


#HHPC4 Slideshow pix @AntiIndustry

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HipHopPress Conference 4
HipHop Press Conference In Jersey took place Saturday Nov 8th in Newark NJ at 47 Edison Place c/o of @GetSKRILLA @SupaEars

(Co-Host) Chris aka Mr. CDThomas
Opening Performances by @Hayze_CT, Lavish , J-Sass Cheeph feat KGB and Rap Phenomenal

RhymeCypherHHPC4 hosted by me

#IHaveKnowledge panel featuring • Chris Morris (ASCAP, Founder of “La Feature” a music publishing & Licensing company • Keith Harrison (ASCAP Exec, Blue Flame agency) • Nikki Walker (Founder of Nikki Walker PR, Public Relations Specialist) • Qua Z Mo (Propellerhead Reason 8 Music Programmer and spokesperson) • Skyy Hook (AllHipHop.com’s Breeding Ground Editor and co-host of the Wake-up Show Sirius/XM)• Victor Love (a Production/Artist Management rep) • Hosted by @iambig7 Big 7

Presentation Jah Jah Shakur (Founder of Essex County Hip Hop program)

Producers Unit featuring original music production from • Ez • Aimez • Lime Lyte • Monstarr • Ipkiss • Dev Beatz • InternalQuest • Young Roc • Smash Hitz

Performances by • SK • J1Da and Sosh Bacadi • FBL
Performances by • Drift • WhereDough & • Jerz Boiv • FBL

#IamHipHop Panel feat Vinny of Naughy By Nature o DJ Steel (of HipHop Nation on Sirius/XM Radio) o DJ Cheese (First World Champion of the DMC World DJ Championships in 1986) o Pebblee Poo (MC Pebble Poo, a pioneer female Hip Hop artist who is credited as being the first female MC Soloist.) o Sah B (Jersey Female Hip Hop Pioneer collaborations include Legends Lords of the Underground and Legendary DJ Marley Marl.) o Hosted by @DoItAllDU of Lords of The Underground

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#JustFacts: Is Social Media Killing Hip-Hop?



Queen Assata and I discuss Social Media’s effect on the music industry. Current events in Hip-Hop including Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose & Young Thug are a few of the topics touched on this episode. Want more? Subscribe to the Official AntiIndustry Youtube page:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MrAntiindustry 

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@Sarocthemc DC x Brooklyn (Video)



It’s Sa-Roc, that means competitions finished. Lyrically dominant I eat rapping dummies for dinner. I’ll alphabetically behead em leave em severed don’t sweat it it’s just my school spirit—letterman jackets and denim. I’m Coogi sweater Fugee era, ready or not I’ll drop a 16 and start at the top of your charts. Esophagus hot like tropical type of degrees, lay fire on every joint, I’ll spit and blaze up your trees. Got rappers scary to breathe. But true facts I rap and I affect every mc that I come in contact. U think you seeing my infamous mic skills, Im thinking your sight’s ill and u might want your contacts. I’m covering Complex ankh necklaces cloned from sarcophagus stone, the rap pharaoh I own most every rapper that’s conscious. Cuz gods compressed in each verse and bar immaculate concepts gon rebirth a star. Gumar oz dubar. Either u with it or trying to figure where my Achilles hidden, You’ll never get at my earthly facade. Unh. Look in the light and every like u got on IG gon now seem irrelevant, I.D. by ink flow I.E. My melanin. I’ll be in the darkness haunting your nightmares be taunting you with my prose Im known as the boogiemonster. Constant rain everytime my thunder claps, same reaction from your weak camp, seek and take cover. Just call me bad gyal, there’s no escaping my reach, I’m ruling the cipher y’all can stand under my umbrella. Good fellas stay in the shadows with bow and arrows ready to pop and measure your capo for funerary apparel. Means metaphorical death, cuz I’m a peaceful cadet, but I’ll bust and rip out your jugular from your rhetorical neck. Impeccably dressed in my fitted cap and stiletts, bet u never guessed your end would come from the depths of my chest homie.