Waterworld: Cage Tame-One

The last few days of rainy weather had me playing this 2004 project from Tame1 and Cage in my iPod back to back. Conceptually this has to be 1 of my top 5 hip-hop albums to date that I’ve purchased. Vivid tales about the the up’s and downs of the pungent aroma’d leak smoke fail to disappoint. Production goes from trippy to boom bap and rock fluidly. Don’t miss clever punchlines like:

This album’s like a fish pissing when its captured, does that mean it’ll leak on the net when its mastered?

I faked my own death to get wet, leaking effect
Because I’m good for putting water on weed like Chiapets.

The hairs in my lungs are my dying kids
That don’t eat, until I put the leak to my lips

My blunts be in the water more than Aquaman’s blunts

My dipsicks hit like pick-6 Bangin like a hallow tip

10 tracks plus the Angel Dust Outro stay on repeat in my iPod.


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