@SoDrewski | Dolce’s | Ladies First

I took the night off from recording, mixing and promoting after my day job to take in a show at Dolce’s Lounge in Elizabeth, NJ last night. Hot97’s DJ Drewski was spinning while the Heat vs. Thunder game was on. It’s an automatic win when you have good food, cold drinks, gorgeous barmaids, flat screen TVs all around and good hip hop blasting from the speakers. @SoDrewski took the crowd through some of the highlights of NYC 90s classics. He even managed to sneak in a Jersey record or two. This was an appropriate opening for the main event of the evening.

Ladies First Showcase

Some of Jersey’s premiere femcees rocked Dolce’s main stage as I sat in the gorgeously designed VIP section. Nina Fox was the first artist to get me out of my plush seat and into the dance area when she left off that Nina Bang Bang!!
CME’s Lady Cash had all eyes on her when she showed why’s she bad like a toddler and licked mad shots dancehall style for the crowd. Another standout performance was from J-Sass who gave it to us good with 2 sexy dancers on stage accompanying here. Speaking of which.. Takiyah Diamond pulled me on stage as she began to perform her hit single Dick Arrest..no bail money needed. Khadijah of WeDaFam got busy with a lyrical set and even jumped down in the crowd. Lexy Da Diva also rocked hard and had the crowd jumping with her new video single FRENEMIES. And for an appropriate closer.. Ginger Bunz shut the show down with an amazing set filled with bold sexiness, energy, lyrics and even a dope freestyle.

For just $10 plus the cost of drinks, it’s safe to say my money and time were definitely well spent. Congrats to everyone involved.


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