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#HipHop4Flint Fundraiser



Join us April 2nd, 2016 for #HipHop4Flint – A national day of unity for the city of Flint! In April 2014, while the city was under the control of a state appointed emergency manager, their water became contaminated. The toxic water in Flint, MI has made the water undrinkable and put the entire city in a state of emergency. The contaminated water hit the children of flint the hardest. Some have experienced permanent and more so devastating health defects from lead poisoning. Over 50 cities will gather their leaders and youth in the hip hop community to host an event to raise funds to purchase water filters and receive donated filters to be delivered to Flint. The strength that Hip-Hop encompasses will bring together the community like no other, because Hip Hop is UNIVERSAL!

I, Rhymageddon will sharing the stage with International Hip Hop Icon DoItAll Du Kelly of The Lord of the Underground , BlackThought of the Roots, Rahzel The GodFather of Noise , plus poets, activists and artists Marcy De Pina,  Nene Ali, Negros Americanos and more at Robert Treat Hotel – 50 Park Place. Pennsylvania Ballroom. Newark, NJ 07102

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#Die2Night Gangsta’s Need to Clip Up for a Reason

We could all die tonight
My name is Mike Brown
Officer Darren Wilson: Executioner
Who’s gangsta now
You won’t clipup? Shut your lip up!
4 hours for a corpse picked up?
K-9s took a piss on me
With no police hiccup
We got no juice there’s a mix-up
Go out in a blaze call me Bishop
Feed crooked cops lead dead up in their kisser
Wounds of my people so deep that is Blisters
I’m numb to pharmaceutical drugs and all the liquor
Cops kill two Blacks daily
I ain’t whisper
Of course I didn’t deserve to die over some swishers
But it ain’t just me look
Here’s the kicker
California highway cop
Beat the face of a 51 year old bipolar sister
Paid snakes are vicious
Oh lord do they slither
Death they deliver
Even w/o using trigger
Making it home for dinner is the goal
Could be Eric Garner
Placed in a choke hold
Empty seat front of your dinner plate
While paramedics watch you asphyxiate


#JustFacts: Is Social Media Killing Hip-Hop?


Queen Assata and I discuss Social Media’s effect on the music industry. Current events in Hip-Hop including Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose & Young Thug are a few of the topics touched on this episode. Want more? Subscribe to the Official AntiIndustry Youtube page: 

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